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Trade Union

Everyone deserves to be an equal member of our society…
We are committed to protecting your rights and interests at work, so you can feel sense of security and be confident about relying on us.
We respect your rights and care for your well-being.
Engaging with you to promote continuous improvement is our standard practice.
We encourage all forms of diversity, because we believe, that from the different backgrounds and ways of thinking new ideas spring forth.
Every employee has been trained on how to treat you, to really listen to you, to be knowledgeable, and to be available for you.
Join the world of European SOS today and have the power in your hands, control at your work place, and peace of mind like never before!


Our Services

Advice and support at work

Our network of professional legal advisors, experts and negotiators will provide you with help at work at the time when you need it.

Access legal services for yourself at work and your family at home

Our legal support includes free help with most work problems that you may have. This can either be from our specialist in-house team that are on hand to help or by local representative. Our help doesn’t just stop when you leave work. We offer free initial legal advice on any matter not related to work, plus a range of other legal help for you and your family.

Compensation for accidents and injuries at work

If the unexpected happens you can count on our support. If you have an accident or an injury at work our specialist lawyers are there to help when appropriate. You are covered for things like assault, accidents, industrial diseases and accidents on your way to or from work. Our experts have got you covered and will make sure to get compensation which you  deserve.

Education, training and support on self improvement

Whatever work you do, we are here to help you learn more – whether you are facing change at work, want to develop your career or want to learn something new for your own benefit. We offer a range of courses and short workshops that are free to our members, so whether it’s brushing up on computer skills or professional development, learning through European SOS can help you develop your confidence, skills and knowledge.

Monthly newsletter

We know you’re busy, but you still want to be informed. Therefore we give you a monthly newsletter to get the latest news, tips, and thoughts on all employment and career matters.

We welcome you to join our community whether you are employed or self employed or unemployed

Whatever your employment status is, join our organization to access many benefits of being a part of our big and amazing community throughout the UK.

We fight for your rights

The European SOS fights for your right to statutory holiday, we negotiate on your behalf for the maternal or paternal holiday, retirement and redundancy terms.

European SOS membership may save you up to £1500

In case of a legal dispute with your employer which has to be resolved, where you do not belong to European SOS, you may face costs of up to £1500. Belonging to our organization, you also have free access to all our services, including advice and representation in the employment law.

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