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Everyone deserves to be an equal member of our society…

We are committed to protecting your rights and interests at work, so you can feel sense of security and be confident about relying on us.

We respect your rights and care for your well-being.

Engaging with you to promote continuous improvement is our standard practice.

We encourage all forms of diversity, because we believe, that from the different backgrounds and ways of thinking new ideas spring forth.

Every employee has been trained on how to treat you, to really listen to you, to be knowledgeable, and to be available for you.

Join the world of European SOS today and have the power in your hands, control at your work place, and peace of mind like never before!

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Our Mission

To be the world’s leading provider of certainty, significance and personal growth in employment relationship.

Mūsų Misija

Būti pasaulio pirmaujančiu tiekėju tikrumo, reikšmingumo ir asmeninio augimo darbo santykiuose.

Наша Миссия

Быть ведущим мировым поставщиком уверенности, значимости и личностного роста в трудовых отношениях.


Nasza Misja

Aby być światowym liderem w oferowaniu pewności, roli i rozwoju osobistego w relacjach zawodowych.
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